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Other Services

3D Laser Scanning

With today’s amazing laser technology and state of the art imaging software we can provide scan data that will enable the creation of complete, hi-resolution virtual models or even allow the creation of exact copies of an item in any number of different media such as foam, bronze, steel, wood etc. The basic scan data sets start as low as $500 with additional, related services quoted on a case-by-case basis. Virtual models of items in your collection are a unique way to share your objects with others without fear of loss or damage. The virtual models can be used for study or the data can be adapted to create exact replicas of items in your collection for sale or study. The possibilities are endless.


Metallurgical analysis can be an important tool in authenticating, and in some cases actually dating certain objects. We have a locally contracted laboratory that can perform any type of metallurgical analysis necessary. One of our representatives will remain with the client’s property while any testing is being performed. We take the utmost care in protecting our client’s property and interests.