Project Description


A very unique dagger with a pattern etched blade. The piece dates to the Warring States period and is probably from the Wu or Yue culture. It is made of bronze and measures 37 cm in length. The dark areas of the pattern are plain bronze while the light areas are coated with tin. The exact process by which this was done is still a mystery.

This first one is of a bronze, openwork dagger that I believe is from the Dong Son culture in ancient china. This particular piece dates to circa 200 BC and is in very good condition with no breaks or repairs. The handle is hollow with an openwork design in the bronze. It measures roughly 30.5 cm in length. The bronze appears to have a high tin content which makes the alloy harder and sharper but also more brittle.

A bronze dagger or short sword from the Dian culture. The weapon is generally referred to as a jian, or two edged sword. This particular piece has a short, heavy, triangular blade which makes for a very robust weapon. As far as I can tell, the piece should date anywhere from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) to the Warring States Period (475-221BC). It measures just under 26 cm in length and is nearly 7.5 cm wide at the widest point. This piece is in remarkable condition for its age and even has remnants of decoration on the handle. Portions of it has likely been cleaned.